Dedicated IPv4 Address

$48.00 / 12 months

Single dedicated IPv4 address for a single domain.

For current Crabtree Systems LLC hosting customers only.

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Hosting with Crabtree Systems and revamping or adding an extra layer of security to your site? Most shared hosting users have little need for a dedicated IP address, however, a dedicated IP does¬†have it’s advantages.

Most commonly, a dedicated IP will allow you to:

  • View your website via its IP address.
  • Access your accounts by FTP or the Web when the domain name is otherwise inaccessible, such as during domain name propagation periods.
  • Set up SSL protection on your website.

If you’re planning on using a SSL Certificate, you’ll be needing one of these suckers.

If you have questions about the process or honestly have no idea why you’d really need one, contact us. We’re happy to give you the breakdown.