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GD Library

We recently had a friend need GD Library installed in WHM. They sent us a message and asked if we could help them out as they weren’t really sure how to or what was needed to install it. Of course we obliged.

In doing so, we thought it might be nice to share some quick instructions on how to install the package. It’s really easy, so don’t wig out.

  1. Log into your WHM site.
  2. Go to Software
  3. Select Apache Update
  4. Click through to Step 5
  5. Select “Exhaustive Options”
  6. Scour down the list for “GD”
  7. Check the box(es) necessary to have the library installed
  8. Click through the rest of the steps to finalize the installation

Of course, we don’t warranty your work. But feel free to send us a message if you have questions. As always, if you need someone to assist, manage or monitor, grab a¬†hosting and maintenance packages from Crabtree Systems!


Author Brandon

A Systems Analyst by trade and geek by default. He rambles a bit. Mostly in the form of tips and announcements. But it's quick and painless... and usually helpful.

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