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Due to the recent condition the world is in with the Coronavirus, many businesses have been addressing their web-presence to accommodate quarantined visitors or migrate inventory online.

Due to an influx of support and edit requests, our schedule is 7 to 12 days to complete non-emergency tasks. Responses will be slightly delayed, but all inquiries will be reviewed and scheduled appropriately.

If your website, VPS or dedicated server is experiencing an issue, we will review and address this ASAP.

All current development projects are being addressed in the original timeline discussed, however, if there are any setbacks, you will be contacted directly.

If your website needs an update regarding COVID-19, such as a blog post, slider or banner, we’re happy to schedule these to be completed, there may be a delay in response, but we’ll have this scheduled out and completed ASAP.

We’re here to assist you and your business and help in any way possible. We appreciate your patience and understanding and hope you and your family is well, safe and quarantined.

Remember, if possible, stay at home and follow the CDC guidelines. Help stop spreading the virus, it’s not only about catching it.


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