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Announcements. News. And nerdy, tech rambling.

Latest News
March 1, 2016

We’re Live!

That took a while! I believe I can speak for all of us when I say, we are soooo happy to get that landing page down! Check our portfolio, send us a message, write us a a testimonial, comment on this post! Heck, with this launch, we'll take anything. Hmm, a celebratory chocolate cake would be…
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Latest News
February 1, 2016

Dynamic Date

Ahhh, so you have a WordPress/PHP site but the footer is displaying your three year old copyright date. We've done it too. We see the year every time…
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PHP Code
Latest News
January 1, 2016

Remove your WP Version

So WPbeginner.com released a good article that, in my opinion, needs to be shared... or at least the subject. By default, WordPress keeps their version number burrowed in…
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GD Library
Latest News
December 1, 2015

Install GD Library in WHM

We recently had a friend need GD Library installed in WHM. They sent us a message and asked if we could help them out as they weren't really…
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